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Using the Liekhus ADO.NET Entity Data Model XAF Extensions
  1. Download and Install the latest release. The VSIX file installs itself as a VS2010 Extension.
  2. Create a new DevExpress eXpress App Framework Solution in version 10.1.
  3. Open the Properties of your Module project and ensure that the target framework is 4.0.
  4. Add an Empty ADO.NET Entity Data Model to your project.
  5. Open the Properties of the ADO.NET Entity Data Model and set the Code Generation property to None.
  6. Design your class diagram as you see fit. Be sure to remove the default ID property of each entity as XPO uses the OID for it's key by default.
  7. Save the diagram and watch as the classes are generated for you.

You should be set. Start designing and using XAF as you would normally. Enjoy!

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astepanov Oct 26, 2010 at 3:17 PM 
hi pliekhus,
I`m writting you from far Russia.

I`ve got a one problem when trying to create ASp.Net Xaf project v10.1 - VS 2010 shutting down after creating module and module.Web projects in solutions even not trying to create a Web project.

I`ve got a below configuration of my

-VS2010 Ultimate
-Xaf v10.1
-Liekhus ADO.NET Entity Data Model XAF Extension Version 1.1.3

could you provide me some help with it?
Thank you.)